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Maintenance Staff Training & Program

HCC Fire Barrier Management provides the training and support to implement an effective in-house firestopping barrier management program. Properly installing firestopping systems is a knowledge-based activity.

The actual installation of most firestopping systems is relatively easy; the installation is typically as easy as filling a hole. The hard part is knowing HOW to fill the hole. Simply filling a hole with a firestopping material is WRONG. One needs to know many factors such as the type of penetrating items, size of the opening, spaces between the penetrating item and the opening, etc.



HCC Fire Barrier Management develops customized and
easily understood procedures that allow in-house staff to complete most firestopping system installations.

Helping You to Do It Yourself

HCC Fire Barrier Management helps facilities manage its own fire barrier management program by providing staff training and periodic oversight. Once a facility has completed an assessment of where its fire barriers are located, HCC Fire Barrier Management provides staff training on how to properly firestop the most common types of found unprotected penetrations. HCC Fire Barrier Management can also provide an installation matrix guide that allows in-house staff to quickly locate the proper firestopping system for an applicable opening. HCC Fire Barrier Management also provides off site support. A facility can simply send a picture and pertinent information to HCC Fire Barrier Management, and we will provide the correct firestopping system that needs to be installed. HCC Fire Barrier Management also provides periodic inspection and training.

HCC Fire Barrier Management maintenance staff training and support is very beneficial for health care facilities. The cost of outside contractors to install firestopping systems can become very expensive, especially when fire barriers are constantly subject to ne penetrations. A properly trained in-house staff can reduce costs.

Choosing HCC Fire Barrier Management for training and oversight to in-house staff ensures that the project will be completed by registered Professional Engineers in the fire protection engineering discipline. With more than 30 years of professional experience we are trusted experts in firestopping and fire protection engineering and have served clients throughout Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.

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